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Zinc Sulphate

Zinc Sulphate is a very water soluble, clear, crystalline compound prepared by heating zinc sulphide ore in air and dissolving out and recrystallizing the Sulphate.
Zinc sulphate dried is a colorless crystalline, water-soluble chemical compound. An aqueous solution of dried zinc sulfate is claimed to be effective at removing moss.
Zinc Sulfate can be prepared by reacting zinc with aqueous sulfuric acid.
It may also be prepared by adding solid zinc to a Copper II Sulfate solution.
(Zn+CuSO4 ->ZnSO4+Cu).
Raw Materials required are Sulphuric acid, Common Salt, Zinc Ash and Flocculent.
Major markets for zinc sulfate in Western Europe include agriculture, electroplating and flotation. In general, zinc sulfate markets are mature in North America, Europe and Japan and are expected to stagnate.
Zinc sulfate consumption is expected to increase in regions with zinc deficiency, such as Africa, India, South America and Australia. In China, consumption is expected to continue to decline, in line with decreasing lithophone production.
Zinc Sulphate is used in agriculture as a weed killer and to give protection against pests.
It is used to supply zinc in animal feeds and fertilizers; Zinc Sulphate is also an important constituent of the precipitating bath in the manufacture of viscose rayon and in electrolyte for zinc plating.Zinc Sulphate functions as a mordant in dyeing; as a preservative for skins and leather; and as an astringent and emetic in medicine